About Me

Name: Enrico Aderhold
Born: December 1972
Where: Sangerhausen, East Germany
Lives: Allstedt, Germany
Kids: Sally, Eric, Alex
Maritial Status: Married
Wife: Sabine

Family Life

My Wife Sabine and I have been together since 2004 – We've had our ups and downs, but she is and always will be my rock in the stormy waters of life – finally we are married since August 2019. We got married in August 2019 and have a son named Alex together, as well as Sally. While Sally is not my biological child, I don't see any difference between him and my own kids. My son Eric lives in Nuremberg and is a computer kid. His mother and I are both network engineers, so it's no surprise that he's already living in a virtual reality. Alex is a sportsman and is currently attending a sports school in Halle/Saale, where he trains pretty hard in rowing. He rows in different boats and is following his plan to participate in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028. My role in our family is to provide us with a comfortable life.

I´m Proud of all my KIDS !!

Working Life & History

My working life has taken me on a crazy journey. Here's a brief overview of my education and expertise:

  • I started my career in September 1989 as a farmer, but when the border opened, I decided to explore the new open world rather than continuing with farming.
  • In the early years, I took on many jobs, including car painting, homebuilding, drywall construction, and others.

Life behind the Keyboard

  • I discovered my passion for technology in 1989 when I started playing on a C64 with some friends. However, I was more interested in the technology behind it than the games themselves. I began typing out code from C64 magazines, and soon after, I got my first contact with an Atari in 1990.
  • In 1993, a friend brought a PC 286 to my home, and I quickly became addicted to the technology. After months of playing, modding, and tuning the 286, I got bored with playing games and started learning about MS-DOS. I spent countless nights tweaking the autoexec.bat and config.sys files, but eventually, I had to pay 500 DM to get the PC fixed after a virus caused issues.
  • In 1995, a friend gave me a disc with Windows NT 3.1 on it, and I fell in love with the system's stability and speed. A time later, I got my hands on Windows NT 4.0 and spent countless nights learning everything I could about it.
  • In 1997, my life took a major turn when I started working as a System Engineer for Microsoft Servers and Workstations at Deutsche Telekom in Frankfurt. Since then, I have held various roles as a Network Engineer for companies such as Dresdner Bank, Commerz Bank, Allianz Versicherungen, Deutsche Post, Siemens SBS/AT&T, Cable & Wireless, COM Ingolstadt, MicroStaxx, and DIS AG/Vion IT Services. Currently, I work as a Senior Network Engineer and Senior Network Architect at Vion IM&T.
  • During my career, I have gained expertise in Networking, WiFi, and Unix-based systems, and I hold various certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, HP, RedHat, Sophos, MIST, Compaq, StrataCom, and Solaris. I continue to renew my Juniper certifications and MIST whenever necessary. I also do a lot of network design work and certifications.
  • I owe a great deal of gratitude to my family, friends, and colleagues who have supported me throughout my journey. Special thanks go to Michael Krämer, who introduced me to the IT world with his 286 PC, Bernd Schärf, who introduced me to the world of networks at Deutsche Post, and Malgorzata Kurc, who forced me to learn English. Lastly, my current heroes are Guan Deng, the ultimate god of networks, Florian Seffert, the brain behind many ideas and crypto, and Alex Jauns, the ultimate salesman and the namesake of my son Alex.
  • Currently, I am diving deeper into the world of WiFi, with my target being CWNE and beyond. Although it is a challenging endeavor, I am up for the task (since June 2020).
Update 22. August 2023
    • CWNP ID (634461)
    • CWNA passed on May 1, 2023, valid until May 1, 2026.
    • CWDP passed on May 23, 2023, valid until May 23, 2026.
    • CWSP passed on ...
    • CWAP passed on ...
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  • Creedly - All Certifications

    Sports Life

  • As a kid, I was a pretty good athlete in running and jumping. I also did weightlifting for 7 years and tried Judo, up to Orange Belt, but it was not my sport. During my teen years, I started Muay Thai and did it until the end of the 90s. However, skydiving became much more interesting and fun for me. In 2008, I found my way back into fighting sports and started with kickboxing, but I wanted more. I discovered a cage where some guys were grappling, so I tried it and fought MMA for a period of time, but suddenly the school closed.
  • I moved for work to Hannover and after a few approaches to other schools, I came to the FightSchool Hannover. There, I started with Luta Livre under David Polokay and Murad. In the evenings, a crowd of people in pajamas (GI's) would come in for the BJJ class with Douglas Mayer. Since those days in early 2016, I have been a BJJ fighter with heart and soul. At the end of 2018, I got my blue belt and moved back to my hometown. Currently, I train BJJ at Halle and wherever I come by. On July 8th, 2022, I got my purple belt at Halle/Saale.
  • My heroes in these sports are not the Gracies and Miyao brothers or whoever - it's more the hidden ones like Heather Raftery, Christian Graugart, Dr. Andreas Fischer, Tijana Novoselic, Frank Burczynski, Onur Yasar, Markus Schnitter, and Raul Va who inspire me.

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