About Me

Name: Enrico Aderhold
Born: December 1972
Where: Sangerhausen, East Germany
Lives: Allstedt, Germany
Kids: Sally, Eric, Alex
Maritial Status: Married
Wife: Sabine

Family Life

My Wife Sabine and me are together since 2004 – some up´s and down´s are happened but she is and will be my Rock in the stormy Waters – finally we are married since August 2019. we do have 1 Son (Alex) together and Sally. He is not my own Son but i don't see any difference to my own Kids. My Son Eric lives in Nuremberg. He is a Computer Kid – his Mom and me we are booth Network Engineers – so it will be no surprise that he is already living in a Virtual Reality. Alex is a Sportsman he is currently at Halle / Saale on a Sports School where he train pretty hard in Rowing. He is Rowing in different Boats and follows his Plan to participate on the Olympic Games at Los Angeles 2028. My Role in our Family is to make us a comfortable life.

I´m Proud of all my KIDS !!

Working Life & History

My working Life is going also crazy way´s –

Education Expertise

  • Started September 1989 as something like a Farmer
  • The Border opens and there was a new open World which was to discover. Therefore i did not finish the Farming.

Lots of Jobs done in the early years

  • Car Painting
  • Homebuilding
  • Drywall Construction
  • and many others

Life behind the Keyboard

  • 1989 some friends got a C64 and we played a lot on it – but i started already with type out Code from some C64 Magazine. All starts with LOAD “*”,8,1
  • 1990 i got first Contact to a Atari and it was a diffrent world
  • 1993 – early 1997 a friend brings a PC 286 withim Home and i got addicted – we played Links and Winter Games like Crazy… but he also showed me the first Steps on MS Dos. After months of playing, modding and tuning the 286 i got bored by Playing – i am not a good player at all – but the Technology was interesting me more. I did start with writing the autoexec.bat and config.sys nearly hundred times new during having a nice Virus Parity Boot on the PC. I need to thank you lovely Virus for forcing me to solve the issues around you – until i had to pay about 500 DM to get the PC fixed. Thats the only time in my life where i had to pay for any IT issue. 1995 some friend gave me a Disc with Windows NT 3.1 on it – i installed it and fall in love again. This System was different – stable and fast. A time later some Windows NT 4.0 was falling into my Hands. I spend feeled hundred of Nights to get all info´s about it – and i got it!
  • middle 1997 some Guys was trying to Mirror a Disc – they where after 2 Days not done… this was my Start into my new Life. They told me after this 5 min Job to let my Stuff where it is and follow the White Rabbit 🙂 – few Days later i startet as System Engineer for Microsoft Servers and Workstations at Deutsche Telekom at Frankfurt
  • from 1997 till now
    • 1997 – Deutsche Telekom – System Engineer
    • 1998 – Dresdner Bank – System Engineer
    • 1998 – Commerz Bank – System Engineer
    • 1999 – Allianz Versicherungen – System Engineer
    • 2000 – Deutsche Post – Network Engineer
    • 2001 – Siemens SBS / AT&T – Network Engineer
    • 2003 – Cable & Wireless – Network Engineer
    • 2007 – COM Ingolstadt – Network Engineer
    • 2014 – MicroStaxx – Network Engineer
    • 2014 – DIS AG / Vion IT Services – Network Engineer
    • since 2016 – Vion IM&T – Network Engineer
  • many things are happend during all this years – my preferece is Networking WIFI and Unix Based Systems
    • a big thanks goes to Michael Krämer for opening the IT World to me with his 286 PC, also big thanks Bernd Schärf to open me the World of Networks at Deutsche Post, a private big thanks goes to Malgorzata Kurc for beeing there and force me to learn English… i did not learn it on School… so sorry if there are some things in which are not 100% correct but i guess you are able to understand the point.
    • biggest thanks goes to my Family and Friends. Guan Deng, Alex Jauns, Florian Seffert…. you are my alltime Hero´s!!! Guan is the ultimative God of Networks and Florian the brain behind a lot of Ideas and Crypto, Alex is the Guy ho can sale all and the giver of the name from Alex.
    • to be back on my Working Life … i did over all this years many Certifications Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, HP, RedHat, Sophos, MIST, Compaq, StrataCom & Solaris
    • Actual i hold a few Juniper Certifications and MIST which i renew whenever the time is.
    • Also i do a lot of Network Design Work and Certifications
    • my Job Role would fit best to Senior Network Engineer and Senior Network Architect
    • actualy i dive into the World of Wifi – CWNA and higher is the target and yes thats pretty hard ( start June 2020 )

Job offers are welcome

Key Facts you should consider !

What you will get:
i like to work for my money
a issue is fixed when it is fixed – if it take 24 hour – No Problem!
the International flair at company´s its what i realy like
i am not a nerd who needs to work alone!
traveling is also fine for me – a good thing can be 80:20 – 80% travel and 20 at Office / HomeOffice
new technology´s are just a learning challenge – so also not a big deal
most important you will get an fulltime Engineer who can Design, Build and Administrate! on several companys turns now a light on 🙂

What i expect:
Montly salary
a Company Car (1% Rule) & company Phone
enough work and challenges (fairly to say i am now 49 and i will stay the next 15+ years with you)

a more detailed version of my CV you can download - you will need to request access

German Version
English Version

Sports Life

Kids time
as a kid i was a pretty good athlete in running and jumping
did also for 7 years weightlifting
tryed some Judo -> up to Orange Belt – but it was not my sport
Teen Time
Started Muay Thai and did this until end of the 90´s
SkyDiving was much more interesting and fun
around 2008 i found back into fightsports
started with Kickboxing but i wanted more
there was a Cage where some guys where grappled and i tried
fought MMA for a period of time but suddenly closed the School
moved for work to Hannover and after few Approaches on other Schools i came to the FightSchool Hannover
Started there with Luta Livre under David Polokay and Murad
there came in the evening a croud of people in pajamas (GI’s) – the BJJ Class with Douglas Mayer
since this Days early 2016 i am a BJJ Fighter with Heart and Soul
end 2018 i got my Blue Belt and moved back into my Hometown
currently i train Judo at Sangerhausen & BJJ at Halle and where ever i come by. at the 08.07.2022 i got my purple Belt at Halle / Saale
My Hero´s at this Sports are not the Gracie´s and Miyao Brothers or who ever — its more the hidden ones like :
Heather Raftery, Christian Graugart, Dr. Andreas Fischer, Tijana Novoselic, Frank Burczynski, Onur Yasar, Markus Schnitter & Raul Va who inspire me.

BJJ Fanatics