What ever i do...

...my Family is my Rock in stormy Water - maybe not all is and was all time good but finaly i am proud to be there where i am with my Family


at the 23. May 2003 my first Son Eric was Born in the middle of the Night

- a hard fight for his Mom Daniela a.k.a Dany and i was there !

- Eric is a mix of two open minded Characters !

We decided to go our own ways - but we keep a pretty good relation - Thanks Dany !!!

- Eric is a WorldRanked BlackOps Gamer ( Top 3000 ) and a Guy with a very high technical Interest and Understanding.


Alex Ian

at the 26. January 2007 Alex was Born - also in the Night

- it was a pretty cold Winter and we had to drive around 20 km to the Hospital and yes i was there !

- he came very fast - and he still is a fast Guy

- His Mom Sabine i meet first time in August 2004 and since this time we are together - with some breaks - but on the end we are back together again.

- Alex is a Sportsman he plays Rollhockey and started a time ago with Judo

- he also has a Superbrain he wins the Big Challenge 2018 in Saxonia Anhalt and also the Känguru der Mathematik 2018



he is the one i got as a Gift :)  born on 17. November 1998 

i have and had so much fun with him

- since he can handle a Xbox Controller and knows that a Ball rolls we play FootBall together - well it was this times in the early 2005 - 2008 easy

- well now the picture has been changed a bit... i have all times pain in the fingers when wee play what ever game on what ever console :)

- the most important thing is for me that since he´s dad pass away that i was for him and also for my other kids a good Friend and Father

- Sally likes good Whiskey !



she is the one which found mostly the way to keep me calm and concentrated

we had many up´s and down´s, but we got older and wiser.

December 2016  we decided to build our own house - so run away is no option anymore :)


thats so far my Family :)